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Migrating SharePoint on-premises services to SharePoint Online requires an extended synchronization of user information into the User Profile Service to support specific business processes. Microsoft provides only a limited standard set for this synchronization purpose. The inovit GmbH was commissioned to develop a solution to synchronize further customizable user information into the SharePoint Online User Profile Service.


The strategy for this solution was a pure serverless architecture based on Azure services. By using Azure Function Apps, any dependencies on an on-premises infrastructure could be avoided, providing a highly flexible and modern solution architecture. Azure Active Directory serves as a master directory and is responsible for providing the information that Azure AAD Connect synchronizes from the local infrastructure. With this approach, SharePoint Online can provide and leverage the necessary user information for use in the specific business processes


The Jansen Group received a flexible solution, which optimally supports future requirements in the synchronization of user information into SharePoint Online. By leveraging Azure Key Vault, the authentication information is secured, and the integration of Azure Application Insights can ensure traceability of changes and a complete solution monitoring at all times.


"The inovit GmbH solution gives us a state-of-the-art and flexible solution for our specific business processes. The user properties can be easily adopted for forms and other applications on the intranet. This allows a lean exchange between the internal IT department and the user for recurring and consistent data."

Rebekka John, Project Manager Business Processes

Jansen AG
Project execution


Performance range

Cloud Services

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure AADConnect
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Key Vault
  • .Net Framework
  • SharePoint Online
  • Application Insights
  • 1000 Employees
  • Metal, steel and plastics industry

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