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Power Workshop - Hybrid Identity & Access Management with Azure

This workshop is developed and designed from inovit for consultants, architects and system administrators. You will get a deep dive (Level 200 - 300) into the basic needs of implementing and managing a hybrid Identity & Access Management solution with Microsoft Azure. You will get in touch with several solution patterns and you get the chance to do the implementation in a prepared lab environment. As a plus and practical reference you get the book "Mastering Identity and Access Management with Microsoft Azure".

Quick Facts about the workshop


  • 2 days power workshop
  • 6 practical labs based on solution patterns
  • Practical knowledge and best practices from the field
  • Information to build service offerings as an Cloud Service Provider
  • Whiteboard sessions to address your needs
  • Promise - no boring marketing or overview decks
  • Maximum 12 attendees (wait list will be used as for the previous workshops)

Agenda and Topics

Section 1 - Hybrid Cloud Identity & Access Management Basics

In this short section you will learn to use the related concepts like tenants, subscriptions and the needed

administrative tasks and automations.

  • Terms and Naming Conventions
  • Tenant and Subscription Management
  • The importance of Role Based Access Control (RBAC) in Microsoft Azure

Section 2 - Identity Bridge and Protection

In this section you will get a technical deep dive to build and operate all related products like AAD Connect, ADFS, Azure MFA, Cloud App Security, ATA/Identity Protection and Privileged Access Management . The focus of this section is to provide you Best practices and approved Solution Patterns you can directly deliver to your infrastructure, customers and obviously to the lab environment in the workshop.

  • Identity Service Automation Solution Pattern
  • Identity Protection Solution Pattern
  • Authentication Service Solution Pattern
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Extension Pattern
  • Health Monitoring Solution Pattern
  • Information Protection Extension Pattern

Section 3 - Use Cases / Service Offerings

After working on the separate technologies in section 2 we will combine the patterns to Customer Ready solutions. You will learn to design service descriptions, the solution itself including the automation tasks and to place the related operating tasks. 

  • Modern secure workplace as a Service
  • Cloud enablement with Data Classification and Information Protection
  • Data Leakage Prevention to control your data
  • Identity Bridge as a Service
  • Security Monitoring as a Service

Course Material & Registration

  • Electronic and printed version of Mastering IdAM with Azure
  • Related scripts and automation tools
  • Photo and Link diary (Whiteboard Drawings and Links)

More Info & Registration Microsoft Registration Page

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